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FCA Camp takes the best attributes of an athletic-focused camp and a spiritual-focused camp and combines them into an athletic/spiritual experience like none other. FCA Camp removes athletes and coaches from the rut and routine of their sport, friends/co-workers and community and places them into an exciting, healthy, athletic environment that allows them to pursue their passion for sport and clearly see and hear the Christ’s passion for them.

Coaches Camp

“Connecting Coaches to Christ.” Challenges coaches in their faith and family life.

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Leadership Camp

“Building Effective Leaders.” Trains athletes to be spiritual leaders in their personal lives, on their teams and on their campuses.

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Partnership Camp

“Common Mission.” Works with other ministries and organizations to do sports ministry.

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Power Camp

“Laying the Groundwork.” Develops young athletes in their faith and sport.

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Sports Camp

“Training the Total Athlete.” Develops athletes mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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Team Camp

“Strengthening the Bond.” Equips teams with spiritual principles through competition.

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