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    Life is a Gift

    April 29,2022

    One of my dad’s favorite verses he quoted often was Psalm 116:12: “How can I repay the Lord for His goodness to me?” He was so thankful for his life and God’s rich blessings.
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  • White Knuckles

    When we grip tightly to the things we can’t control, we quickly get white knuckles. Usually we don’t see them turn white, but everyone around us does!

  • Not Alone

    FCA Ukraine’s internship program inspires the next generation to go deeper in ministry.

  • Saying Yes

    How accepting an invite to an online Huddle in Ukraine gave a professional soccer player deeper faith and friendships.

  • The Larry Principle

    I’ll never forget the FCA Leadership Camp I was directing when Larry got up to share at open mic night.

  • Renewing Coaches’ Souls in Korea

    FCA Korea arranged a retreat as a time of renewal. It was a strategic step designed to unite spouses’ hearts and minds around the same vision and mission.

  • 2 Ounces of Power

    In times of crisis, the issues of the heart are magnified. If there is hatred in a person’s heart, the tongue will spew criticism.

  • Heartbeat for God

    Moses Muge, international leader for FCA in Kenya, has dedicated his life to changing the landscape of coaching by leading transformationally.

  • Sharing the Vision

    Davie and Charlene Waggett recount numerous FCA impact moments they've experienced.

  • The Enemy of Today

    Today we are facing an enemy that will destroy mankind. Throughout history, we have encountered disease and sickness that ravages families, friends and community; however, there is a greater danger that threatens to kill us from the inside out.

  • FCA Colombia: A Sixteen-Year Overnight Success

    The fruits of his labor have since spread across every major Colombian city as well as several other countries in South America. Planting those seeds, however, was anything but easy.

  • It's All About Heart

    It takes heart to do anything in life. Coaches motivate their teams by saying, "Go out there and play with all your heart. Leave it all on the field!" Skills and talents are important but leading with heart separates the good from the great.